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Forest Lake




This Rental Agreement must be signed by principal “Renter” ie. individual who holds reservation or booking and/or pays the rental fee.  Renter must be an adult. The Sweat House is “Rentee/Releasee.”

I understand there is an inherent risk when using a wood burning sauna. I am aware of these risks and that I have read, understood and signed The Sweat House rental agreement and checklist before use.

I understand/agree that I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR ADDITIONAL GUESTS not accounted for by The Sweat House at time of booking, and that I assume all risks associated with additional guests using the sauna. 

I understand/agree that I will ensure that any minor will be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or responsible adult.

I agree that sauna use, heat tolerances and human physiologies vary for every individual and that I have no underlying medical conditions that may disqualify me from sauna use. I agree that if I am uncertain of this I will conduct my own research and consult a physician prior to use. 


  • No jewelry

  • No alcohol, food, or smoking in the sauna at any time

  • No fire accelerants are permitted (propane, butane, gasoline, diesel or any other flammables)


  • The Renter agrees to use kindling, paper and wood in the wood burning stove.  No other fire materials are permitted in sauna stove.  The Sweat House is able to provide additional wood burning material at a cost to the Renter.

  • All stove surfaces are hot and can cause burns.  When operating the stove door, use provided glove to open/close door to feed/stoke sauna.

  • Should the sauna temperature become uncomfortable, open the sauna door to circulate air-flow.  Sauna interior is vented for natural air movement. 


  • Do not operate or use sauna if you are not familiar – review ‘How to use Sauna’ document received from The Sweat House.

  • Do not exceed a maximum limit of 6 people at a time.

  • Ensure you’re familiar with surrounding water sources and the location of fire extinguisher prior to use.

  • Ensure proper hydration, before-during-after use.

  • Do not exceed 15 minutes at a time.  Give yourself adequate cool-off periods between uses.

  • Do not touch stove during operation.

  • Do not use sauna if you’re under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medications. 

  • Never operate the sauna while the trailer is in motion.

  • Do not transport or move the trailer while the sauna stove is burning.

  • Exit the sauna immediately if you are feeling light headed, nauseous or faint.


  • The Renter accepts all responsibility for the condition of the sauna / trailer from pick up to drop off.  The ‘Renter’ assumes full responsibility for any excessive wear and tear caused by renter or any other occupants operating or transporting the sauna.

  • The Renter agrees to pay for any damage to the sauna or trailer, and to replace the equipment at full retail value if it is lost, missing, stolen or damaged. The Sweat House and the Renter have reviewed and signed the Rental Check-List to ensure good condition to Sauna, Trailer and Accessories prior to use.

  • The Renter agrees there will be a $75 cleaning fee charged should it be returned in an excessive state of uncleanliness.  

  • The Renter agrees to pay for an additional night should the trailer and sauna be returned past the specified drop off time (11:00am).  Should the Renter be unable to return the trailer/sauna and requires The Sweat House to pick-up, the Renter is subject to a $1.50 per km fee.


  • All cancelations must be requested no later than 24 hours prior to pick-up (3:00pm).


  • All occupants under the age of 19 are not permitted in the sauna unless accompanied by an adult.

  • The Renter agrees to accept all responsibility for other occupants entering and operating the sauna during their rental time.

  • The Renter assumes all liability and risk for additional occupants who have not filled out the aforementioned forms as well as their education on safe use and best practices.


  • The Renter agrees to pick-up the sauna/trailer at 3:00pm or later on the day of their rental.  If the Renter requires The Sweat House to drop off the sauna/trailer, note we aim to accommodate your schedule, however drop off times are subject to change.  

  • The Renter agrees to drop-off the sauna/trailer no later than 11:00am on the day of their return.  If the Renter requires The Sweat House to pick up the sauna/trailer, note The Sweat House reserves the right to pick-up prior to 11:00am on the day of their return.

  • Should the Renter require either drop-off and/or pick-up of the sauna/trailer, there will be a $50.00 delivery fee.



  • The Renter agrees to place the sauna/trailer on a flat and even surface before operating.

  • The Renter agrees to accept all responsibilities of sauna/trailer transportation should they pick-up and drop-off themselves.  

  • The Renter agrees they possess a valid drivers license and automobile insurance should they pick-up and drop-off themselves.  The Sweat House requires proof before pick-up.

  • The Sweat House reserves the right to decline all drop offs should the location be deemed unsafe or un-level. 

  • The Renter agrees to use designated equipment provided by The Sweat House if disconnecting from their vehicle at any point during the rental. Equipment provided will include: 4 jack stands, a level, wheel chocks, and a trailer lock. 


  • The Renter agrees they are capable of using a fire extinguisher should they need at any point during their rental.

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